This course is suitable for anybody working within the Children’s Services industry as a childhood/primary/secondary educator, early learning educator or childcare worker and is designed to develop the skills and knowledge to enable you, or your staff, to recognise a life-threatening allergic reaction and administer adrenaline via an adrenaline auto-injector.

This course will also develop your skills and knowledge in anaphylaxis recognition, management, prevention and risk minimisation of allergic reactions. This course also provides you with the skills required to develop and implement a risk management plan to reduce the risks of severe reactions in individuals diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis.

Welcome to the online study component for the Intelligent Training Solutions 22300VIC Anaphylaxis course.

Depending on your level of prior knowledge and experience with first aid, this study component may take you anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete. This course consists of a total of one topic and a quiz that must be completed.